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Melissa Rousseau, English Teacher

Class Schedule
8:14-9:44 1st Period Plan
9:46-11:15 2nd Period English 4
11:17-12:45 3rd Period English 2
12:45-1:12 Lunch
1:14-2:40 4th Period English 4
Contact me
Phone: 336-242-1459
Twitter: @mrousseau73

Classroom Expectation

1. TRY! Not everyone enjoys reading and writing, but EVERYONE must make solid efforts. 
 I want you to be successful! I want you to graduate! I want you to continue your education! I want you to be a life-long learner! These are all part of my mission. Help me help you reach your goals!

2. Be on time!!! 

3. Check email EVERY DAY!!!

4. Be proactive. 

5. Cell phones will be put up. Charging is available with permission.

*B.S. Journalism, Print Emphasis-University of Wisconsin at River Falls
*MAT Comprehensive Secondary English Education, Western Carolina University
*AIG Certification, High Point University
*Principal Licensure, High Point University