Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery

The purpose of credit recovery is:

  • To allow students who failed courses in the traditional high-school classroom to work at their own pace to complete challenging coursework and earn the credits they need.

  • To provide effective digital instruction strategies that bring success to them with engagement, relevance and rigor.

  • To keep students on track to graduate on time

Through the use of online, mastery based software, students may be able to retake a course they have previously failed.  Davidson County utilizes EdgenuityTM, as our online credit recovery content provider to deliver comprehensive, rigorous, mastery-based courses.  By recovering a failed credit students may be able to stay on track to graduate with their cohort.

The decision to allow a student the opportunity to participate in the credit recovery program lies with the principal of the student's school.  Not all students will qualify to participate in the credit recovery program.