Virtual Learning Opportunities

Davidson County Schools is committed to ensuring that students have access to quality online learning opportunities that help them experience success now and prepare them for the future.  Students at the secondary level are able to participate in online coursework for credit and to recover missed credits.

North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) serves as the content provider for typical high school online courses for credit.

NC School of Science & Math (NCSSM) provides students the ability to access advanced STEM related courses via two different distance learning opportunities.
 learning lab 2
 learning lab 6 Edgenuity courseware allows Davidson County Schools the ability to offer eligible students, who have failed a course, the opportunity to recover a limited selection of classes.

Career and College promise offers an opportunity for qualified high school students to start gaining college credit prior to graduation from high school.

Each opportunity varies and not all students may be eligible to participate in all opportunities.  Please check with your guidance department and/or administration to find out if you are eligible.  If you are a parent or guardian and wish to discuss your student's options in our offerings of online classes, please contact the principal and/or guidance department at your student's school.

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  For general questions about Davidson County Schools' online programs, please contact:


Scott Pettit
Virtual Curriculum Coordinator
Davidson County Schools
(336) 242-5637 Phone
(336) 242-5643 Fax

NOTICE FOR STUDENT ATHLETES:The NCAA has very strict guidelines regarding credit for courses taken online. Some online courses may not be approved by the NCAA. Before enrolling in any online class, be sure to consult with your high school's athletic director and your guidance counselor to determine if the online course that you are considering is approved for credit by the NCAA.