Melissa Rousseau

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Phone: 336-242-1459 ext. 1410
Available hours: 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. or 2:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Professional Profile:
Davidson County High School Teacher of the Year, 2013-2014
NC Ready for Success Alignment Fellow 2013-2014 
Administrative add-on earned from High Point University, 2010
Academically, Intellectually Gifted license earned from High Point University, 2009
Master's in Comprehensive Secondary English Education earned from Western Carolina University, 2006
Bachelor of Science Journalism earned from University of Wisconsin at River Falls, 1996

Class Schedule:
1st Block: English 4
2nd Block: English 4
3rd Block: English 4

English IV expectations:

1. TRY! Not everyone enjoys reading and writing, but EVERYONE must make solid efforts. Don't look at something and tell me it is too hard, too long, too boring without making an effort.

If you do not understand a text, an assignment, etc, talk to me. I cannot read your mind! I want you to be successful! I want you to graduate! I want you to continue your education! I want you to be a life-long learner! These are all part of my mission. Help me help you reach your goals!

2. Check Haiku EVERY DAY!!! I put the newest work at the top of the page, and I date it. If you are absent, see what you missed and get it done--ask questions specific to the work--not "Did miss anything?"

3. Do NOT procrastinate. You will write a 4-7 page research paper this semester, you will present your findings, and you will create a visual aid to go with that presentation. Do NOT put it off!! Meet your deadlines!!! Missing deadlines is my BIGGEST PET PEEVE!!!!

4. Be on time!!! Second pet peeve is having students trickle in one at a time for the first 20 minutes of class. We will start class on time and you will make up any missed time with me during Phoenix period or after school.

Grading Policy:

Major: 60%--daily work

Minor: 40%--research paper, tests, quizzes

Remember the NC Final Exam grade counts 20% of the overall semester grade!

Please contact me if you would like log-in information for your student's English 4 on Haiku.